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Mon-Fri, 8:00am-5:00pm
and by appointment

301 S. Barstow Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Phone: (715) 838-0986
Toll Free: (866) 417-6872

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Read what our clients are saying about One Source Imaging. We are very proud of the excellent feedback we get from our clients.  

At One Source Imaging,we are always interested to hear your opinions and if we could improve our service in any way.

Great Customer Service!
We have purchased printers, supplies, and now checks from One Source. I love the idea of buying local and the personal service we have received is the best! Anytime we have had any issues, we are taken care of almost immediately and always to our satisfaction. I recommend One Source to anyone & everyone!
- M.M.
Eau Claire, WI
Great local company for INK!
Hey you local people in Eau Claire and surrounding areas: You really ought to check out this company. Why pay big prices for ink when we have a great company locally that works with us to help us save money. They can sell you brand name or generic ink and back what they sell. Why go online and order from some unknown company and then if you have problems, you don't have the local store to go to to work it out. The people here are friendly and helpful and have such a good attitude. I've referred them to a couple of businesses too. They service several businesses but also pay attention to the little guys (like me) who only order now and then. Check it out! I highly recommend them!
- k.v.
Great customer service and products I recommend them to everyone
“Thank you One Source for making my job easier “
American Phoenix, Inc – Eau Claire WI

- C.O.
Eau Claire , WI
Personal and friendly service, with fast delivery
I wanted to thank you for the great job you and your employees do for me.

I was introduced to your company from one of your employees recommending that I try out your ink cartridges at large savings. After I started working with your company I found out that I could also get my personal ink and printers from you.

The savings is great, but better than that is the personal and friendly service. With your fast delivery I do not even have to leave my office.

One Source Imaging makes doing business very easy and I see no reason to go anywhere else. Thank you.
- Brian Eslinger
Eau Claire, WI
Super Customer Service
I had surgery on my foot and I ran out of my ink cartridges over a week-end and
I could not drive to go get any. I called One Source Imaging to see if they
deliver to a home address and they do
not, but because of the circumstance with my foot they did an exception for me and delivered my cartridges to me. Not only do they not deliver to a home
address, it was a Saturday and they are
not open on Saturdays. Chris just
happen to be there and he delivered to
me. Now that's what I call service. I
guess you know where I will go for my
cartridges from now on. Thanks again
- C.P.
Eau Claire, Wisconsin
printer issues
I went to one source imaging to buy a new ink cartridge. When I got home I was still unable to print even with new cartridge. The display window was telling me that there was something wrong with one of the cartridges. No matter what I did I good not resolve the issue. I called back to the store (after hours) Chris answered and said that he would stop by and check out the printer. Long story short the other cartridge was also out of ink. Issue was resolved. Very pleased with the service that I received.
- Gary Wathke
Eau Claire, Wi.
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